Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Racism in Big Brother?

So there is supposedly racism in the Big Brother House. I am not a 'Big Brother' fan by any stretch and only occasionally see it. Now from what I have read and seen I think what is being labeled as racism is far more total and utter ignorance on the part of the other house mates.

The three girls involved, one of them being Jade, are just showing themselves to be completely ignorant of other cultures and people groups and merely showing their own prejudices. What do you expect from Jade's mother than to call an Indian 'the Indian'. She couldn't even pronounce her name for goodness sake. Having now seen her mum is it not surprising that Jade turned out the way she did.

Why a successful Bollywood actress would want to go in the Big Brother house I have no idea. Why Ken Russell wanted to go in either is a mystery as clearly it was to him as he stayed only a few days.

All I hope is that the viewing audience get bored of this reality nonsense and go and get lives for themselves instead of investing in a cruel freak show that tries to pass itself off as entertainment. Sadly we have until 2010 to put up with BB on our TV screens.

Let us be agog and feel pity for these utterly ignorant so called 'celebrities' who some people hold up as idols and realise they are not amazing and haven't really achieved something to aspire to. Celebrity is not a career or an aspiration. (Edit 17/01) While I say feel pity for their total ignorance, that doesn't excuse any form of bullying which I think if any label should be attached it should be that. There may be a personality clash but that is no excuse for ganging up on Shilpa.

There is only one person to have ever walked this earth who is worth aspiring to and even that is worthless unless your eternal salvation is secured in and through and by what that person achieved by His death and resurrection 2000 years ago. If you 'Live the Dream' and die without ever knowing what it is to know your 'sins forgiven' through repentance before the living God then I am afraid life has all been but a passing breeze, a forgotten moment with no eternal significance at all. Don't live someone else's life through celebrity or aspire to live life as your 'idol'. Be yourself, the unique beautiful individual you can be and get some eternal perspective in your life before it is too late.

Wow from Big Brother to eternal thoughts. Who would have guessed?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Racism is a biased term intentionally weighted in favour of the immigrants, jewish in this case, who invented the concept. People who hate dogs don't hate dogs because they are dogs they hate dogs because they smell, bark all day or **** on the pavement. The term racism puts the blame on the victim. If I went to live in an igloo and offended all the eskimos would that be *their* problem? I don't think so.

Andrew said...

Thank you for your comments anonymous!

Firstly, as a courtesy, please do not use profanity on my blog.

I am not entirely sure what point it is you are making. I don't agree that the term racism puts the blame on the victim, certainly not in its commonly used form. If I intentionally set out to insult/abuse someone because they are from a different part of the world to me, or have different coloured skin, then that is racism and is absolutely no fault of the person being abused/insulted. That dislike could come from any manner of reasons but would still be absolutely wrong.

But some people do I believe, to use your language, 'hate dogs because they are dogs'.

If I unintentionally do something that offends another race/culture out of ignorance and gross stupidity then it may be deemed racist and the fault would still lie entirely with me. However if I was willing to learn from it and change my attitudes, genuinely apologise for my ignorance and not do it again would I be a racist, I don't think so!

The point I was making in the blog was not that what the celebrities were doing/saying was right, it was that I don't think they were being intentionally racist hence the ? on the title. I am sure if they thought they were being racist they would be upset and genuinely apologise. Some of their comments may be deemed racist but I would say more gross ignorance. Are the three girls racist themselves, I wouldn't say so! If you read any of my other blogs I hate these labels as they are always so loaded.

If Shilpa felt they were being racist then she should complain and that would be up to her. Is it not more down to the fact the girls simply don't like her. Not because she is Indian, but for whatever reason she annoys them.

I personally, as a Christian, don't believe in defining race as such. All people are the same, created by God and have the same ancestor back to Adam. Culture differences are generally what differentiates us. I could go on but I will stop there before this gets too long!