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Dispatches 'In God's Name' - Liberal intolerance and poor Journalism.

Channel 4 in the UK showed a program last night called 'In God's Name' and was placed in their Dispatches series of programs. Click HERE for a very good article and analysis of the program. Also views on the Embryology Bill.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Embryology Bill and the state of Scientific morality/ethics!


BBC NEWS | Politics | MPs to vote on abortion limit cut


The Link above takes you to the details about the bill from the usually biased BBC website. Here is a link from another point of view that details why in particular stopping Animal-Human hybrids, the threat of 'spare part children' and Fatherless families and Abortion Limit reduction are so important.

At least David Cameron is voting to drop the 24 week limit and Ian Duncan Smith is behind wanting to keep the requirement for a Father with IVF. Mr Brown on the other hand is voting yes on all of them. How can a man who professes to be a Christian support this Act.

The Hybrid arguments that support the creation of Animal-Human hybrid creation just highlights to me where evolutionary thinking leads. If we are just a cosmic accident and here by pure chance then there is no basis for morality. An argument that sticks dogmatically to the point that it 'may' help develop cures for diseases is missing a huge side. Where do we draw the line between the noble cause of wanting to help cure horrible diseases and taking another life to do it. From an evolutionary point of view it is survival of the fittest or just nature and natural selection. It is this kind of thinking that devalues human life and has led us to the point we are at.

It begs the question as Mr Spock said in 'The Wrath of Kahn', '... the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.... or the one'. I don't believe in this instance that applies. To understand why I feel that let me explain my point of view on when life is created. I believe at the point of conception a foetus should have the right to a full life. Therefore I believe it is quite simply infanticide or more bluntly murder to destroy a foetus for whatever reason. Therefore I believe creating a hybrid embryo to be morally bankrupt on so many levels let alone abortion.

We have crossed a line here in the UK by allowing this to go ahead. This is not the needs of the many or even the one in the case of a mother wanting an abortion. This is about the innate value of every human life. One persons 'rights' are not above another's. A woman's 'right' to choose stops when she gets pregnant from unprotected sex and is then responsible for another life. Up to that point she and her partner have a choice!

Lord Acton certainly had it right in saying, "Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right of being able to do what we ought."

20:49 pm MP's have removed the necessity for a Father in IVF. Again the rights of Fathers is corroded to the point of non-existence. Contrary to Liberal PC nonsense a baby is made by a Mans stuff and a Woman's stuff mixed together. A further corrosion of the family unit by this Government.

I realise this is not a very well constructed article but I felt the need to vent!!!!

God help us all!