Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I could become schizophrenic apparently and Leftyphobia!

According to the BBC website and this article I am at greater risk of becoming schizophrenic because I am left handed. I preferred the finding that said Lefty's think quicker personally or are better in fights (though since I don't fight I hope to never find out).

Just cause I use my brain differently to you righty types this means there must be a problem in there somewhere. The world is a leftyphobic place I tell you. Since everyone else complains that they are discriminated against I think I will start. All desks should have 2 computer mice so I don't have to move them when I have to sit at desks of righty's. There should always be left handed scissors available, left handed golf clubs (though I don't play golf), left handed versions of everything that has a right handed version always available and not costing more!

I bought I new single bass drum pedal for my Drums the other week. I was looking at double-bass drum pedals and asked about left handed versions. Of course the lefty versions were more expensive! Now I understand the 'oh well the manufacturing costs are more'. However this is entirely unfair, its leftyphobic I tell you. Human rights, discrimination, fairness, equality...........I am a human being!

Now now Andrew, I think you are getting carried away here he says with tongue firmly in cheek!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lack of Blogging Recently

I know there has been a distinct lack of postings this month. I have been so busy at work and getting home quite late on some nights that to look at a computer is the last thing I want to do.

I have not given up on my blog at all. Merely a temporary hiatus whilst I cope with a heavy workload.


I'll be back!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Goodbye Super Casino................hopefully!

Well Gordon Brown must actually be applauded this week. He has apparently, to all intents and purposes, scrapped the idea of the Super Casino to be built in Manchester. He suggested that maybe the money would be better spent on regeneration, duh do you think!

Well praise God for some sense. What person can consider placing a Casino in the heart of a run down area as a good idea. A Casino is where people go and waste their money duped into thinking they can win big. It can start an addictive cycle that destroys careers, families and lives. Gambling is dangerous on so many levels. Being highly addictive one of them. Place it in a poor area and you will have people blowing money they don't have on an unattainable dream. We are already a nation of gamblers with the National Lottery. Thank goodness Gordon Browns moral sense, and I believe he has one, has shone through here. Lets us hope more of his policies are shaped by his Christian faith that he claims to have.

I doubt I'll vote for him but on this I applaud him!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Men, Emotions and lots of Internet Searches!

I have been studying my Blog Stats and looking at what it is that brings search engines and people to my humble little corner of the Blogosphere. What I have noticed is the extraordinary number of searches along the lines of men expressing their emotions or not as the case may be. Now I know the title of my blog is what the search engines are primarily seeing and it was for this reason I gave my blog that title. But I have had to then ask why do I get so many hits on that subject. What is it about 'men and emotions' that has people wanting to research articles on the web. It is to this question I now write:

I put this to my wife, to which she replied "well men don't show their emotions!"

Blunt and to the point but probably quite true on the most part. I tackled this in detail on this post here. Also the God The Parent Essay has much to say on the subject of gender etc...

I can't really add a lot on top of what I wrote in those posts so I won't unless inspiration takes me at a later date. Filter my posts using the categories at the top to get all my articles related to emotions.

I thought I would add some books I have found very helpful on the subject of Men and Emotions in general.

Marillion - Thank You, Whoever you Are!

Just found this video on YouTube and thought I would post it as it is the best song off the new album which is very average for a Marillion Album.

Brilliant song I think, shame about the rest of the Album. Marbles is much better if you want a recent good album!

This is Easter, one of my favorite songs of all time:

This is Neverland off Marbles and is my fav off that album:

And Afraid of Sunlight, a classic piece of musical perfection:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Catherine Tate, new Dr Who Companion...Noooooo!

The BBC posted today that Catherine Tate's character Donna from the Christmas episode will be the new companion for series 4 as Martha is off canoodling with the boys (or girls knowing RTD) on Torchwood for a few episodes in a feeble attempt to increase ratings.
Now whilst she was ok, and I stress just 'ok' in the one off episode I think she is quite wrong for the whole series run. Unless the character has a major personality change then she will become so irritating to watch and listen to that I fear Who may lose viewers in thousands.
What were they thinking of. Many people including myself think Sally Sparrow should have been the new companion. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!