Thursday, February 12, 2009

Church Compromises! – Lets Celebrate Darwin

Just read this article on Christian Today. This is my view is one of the single biggest mistakes that the Christian Church is making today. I am in now way denying the huge impact and importance of what Darwin wrote. Just not in the way that the secular scientists and humanists would describe it.

I am not going to detail why this is such a tragedy as there are plenty of websites that do that significantly better than I can, eg: Click Here. However I will say that I believe this is one of the reasons why the Church of England and other denominations are in decline. They compromise and undermine the truth and authority of scripture interpreting it in the light of humanistic beliefs. Once you start doing that then no passage of scripture can be taken as an absolute truth. You fall into the modern quagmire that is moral relativism. The compromises on Homosexuality, sex outside of marriage and dare I say it, women priests and Bishops are other examples.

I am sure not all Anglican or other Denomination members are in support of the Darwin Worship and I would not like to make such sweeping statements. However when the Top leadership of such organisations come out in support of placing Darwin on the pedestal he is being placed on then it is a sad indeed. Belief in Theistic Evolution is a compromise and weakens every biblical and moral argument you subsequently make. Darwin knew this and Dawkins knows this and almost has more contempt for those that compromise what scripture teaches, than the Creationists he so violently and unflinchingly opposes.

If you are blown by every change of what society accepts and absorb it into your own worldview then how do you stand out from the world. How are you salt and light to a dark world. If there was no fall as described in Genesis and we evolved from pondscum then there is no sin, there can be no explanation of suffering that doesn’t make God out to be at best uncaring and at worst hateful, mans glorious standing as being made in the image of God is reduced to our existence having no meaning or purpose, there is no need for Christ to have come to redeem and save the lost. There is no Gospel!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

My 20th Christian Birthday

20 years ago today I gave my life to God and became a Christian. For how that happened Click Here. It has been a very up and down walk but I am where I am by the Grace of God. 20 years of Sanctification, being made more like Christ, yet I feel so far from that goal. Of course we will never get there until heaven. Could I be in a better place, of course. Could I know way more scripture than I know, most definitely. Could I have more of my rough edges knocked off by the Lord. Yes if I had walked closer to him.

However I thank God for where he has brought me. I accept who I am in the light of who He is. I pray that if God grants me another 20 years then I shall walk a better walk. I walk of greater service and humility. I desire to love and reach out to others in a much less self protective way with my security rooted in Christ. I want to know the unsurpassed joy of worshipping my Father in heaven that all other earthly desires pale by comparison and have their correct place as it should be. I also want to enjoy each day that God gives me, not by what happens so much but by how much I can surrender to God.

All high and mighty desires but I do genuinely desire those things even if the way I currently live my life they don’t show as much as they should. I praise and thank God for saving me all those years ago and hope I can honour him in some way for all my days to come.

Thank you Lord!