Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Post From iTouch 2.0

Well I successfully updated my iPod touch to the new version 2.0 OS. I now have all the apps I need from the new appstore to use my iTouch as a proper PDA making my poor Palm Tungsten redundant.

I only have one issue with the update which I believe is more to do with the new iTunes 7.7 update as opposed to the new OS. My calendar has syncing issues from iPod to Outlook whereas the other way is ok. This is reported widely on the apple forums by other users. The entries are missing in Outlook in the main view but show up in other list views. I think there is a format error in what iTunes syncs.

Apple really need to fix this and many other reported bugs quickly before the update becomes a real embarrassment for them.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog

Joss Whedon is a genius, hurry it is not around forever:

Prince Caspian Film review

Note this is a review of the film not the book. I am treating them as different!

This was one of those films of 2008 to look forward to for me. I love the C.S Lewis books and greatly enjoyed the film of 'Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe'. Prince Caspian is, as has been widely reported, a darker more grown up film. It is most definitely for kids but it takes the themes of the first film and grows them.

It is a year on from when the Pevensie children last visited Narnia but 1300 years or so in Narnian Time. The children are in war torn London at School. Peter seemingly having forgotten the lessons learned in Narnia resorts to fighting when another boy bumps him. Edmund however, the selfish brat previously, seems to have matured. Susan has tried to forget Narnia as a means of coping with living back in our world. Lucy however has never forgotten and still has absolute faith in returning to Narnia and seeing Aslan again.

Much has changed in Narnia with the human Telmarines ruling the land and the Narnian creatures apparently near extinction having been hunted down by the humans. Aslan's name has fallen into myth as have the children of Adam, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Summoned by Prince Caspian blowing on the horn given to Susan in TLWW the Pevensie children find themselves back in the land they so longed to return to but shocked by it state.

I won't give any more of it away suffice to say the special effects are outstanding. Better than the previous film I feel. The 'message' is more subtle in this film. It is more about remembering and becoming who you were meant to be. With Peter clashing egos' with Caspian to start with until he relearns those lessons.

As for Aslan himself, he only makes a much more brief appearance in this story than previously. With, of course, Lucy being the one who sees him first and suffering the disbelief of the others but keeping her faith in him. For me the most touching and meaningful moment in the film is when Lucy first meets Aslan again for real. She runs to greet him and he rolls over on his side and she hugs him. Bear in mind this is a honking great Lion, the tenderness of the moment really spoke to me. Here is, as I said a great huge Lion, tenderly greeting a child. The imagery reminded me that we have a God who is so mind bogglingly majestic, powerful, mighty, to be rightly revered and feared, yet He is so intimately, lovingly and tenderly involved in our daily lives if we let Him.

I have to congratulate Georgie Henley for giving another incredible performance as Lucy. She is that part and makes the film. The Chronicles of Narnia are largely based around her character and these films needed someone to make that character believable and likable. She just nails the innocent wonder and absolute faith that Lucy has. Such a mature performance for a 13 year old. Skandar Keynes, as Edmund is also very good showing Edmund to have grown and matured from TLWW. The others actors are also very good but these two stand out.

I thought the film was great wholesome family entertainment. One for the DVD collection!