Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Brother, Calivinism/Arminianism and Sushi!

Reckon you never thought you'd see those words in once sentence. Gosh my mind is awash with things!

Big Brother

So Big Brother has almost caused a Diplomatic Incident, gosh the power of reality TV. Certainly there were racial overtones used during the exchanges but I still think it was a case of total clash of personalities with Jade resorting to playground name calling as she couldn't be grown up about it. That still doesn't excuse the bullying tactics and ganging up. Though that is what people watch BB for, the bitching and back stabbing. One of my reasons for loathing the program! Well Jade will be out tonight and her reputation as a harmless dimwit seriously damaged.

There are no crowds tonight either which is interesting. What are they afraid of? Another small point I found curious was that Jade herself is mixed race. What mix that is I know not.

Channel 4 are condemning any racial abuse that may have been made but on the other hand are gleefully rubbing their collective hands together at the 4.5 million viewing figures. Oh sorry is that a bit cynical!

India want the UK look into such racism in the country. All I can say to that is speck, plank and eye! This is a country that supports a caste system that seems to me very discriminatory, unless you are at the top, and does nothing to stop Hindu extremists from regularly beating and oppressing Christians in various provinces around the vast country. This is an external view of the country based on what I read and is not a comment on the population themselves.

Anyway enough about BB from me!


What? you may ask. I have been pondering this issue for quite a while and am not about to go into a big long treatise of the various arguments for and against both sides. There are many websites that can do that far better than I possibly could. I think I am beginning to understand reformed theology and Calvinism a little better and certainly lean towards that way except for one major question regarding Unconditional Election. Which is the thing that pulls me to the Arminian way of thinking which I disagree with some of as well. Ultimately I want a totally biblical view and any emotional feelings about it to be won over by scripture.

If anyone can give me a good answer on how it can be in God's nature to 'elect/predestine' certain individuals for saving and let the rest suffer His absolutely righteous justice and condemn them to the fires of hell. It is not that I object to the condemnation of sinners. I understand the doctrine of depravity etc and that we all deserve judgment. If Christ died once, for all then how come under Reformed thinking not everyone gets the opportunity for salvation since only certain people are elected?


I am going to a friends birthday meal tomorrow and it is at a sushi restaurant. Now I don't like most fish at the best of times let alone not cooked. I will be hoping that there is something cooked available that I can eat. I may blog about it more if it turns into a traumatic experience.


Nick Payne said...

I had a go at answering the Predestination/Free Will issue a while back. I think the title of the post was "Disagreeing With Theological Giants". I looked at Augustine and Pelagius primarily... but I also looked at Calvin.

I don't think Free Will and God's sovereignty are necessarily opposing ideas... which is stumbling block that many people have. I believe God knows our hearts and choices so intimately (not just the ones we will make but any conceivable choice we could make in ANY circumstance), that he knows which way we will jump. He creates us in a time and place where we will by our choices walk the path that he has laid out in his sovereign plan.



Hopeful Indian said...

For all the wrong reasons the right issue of racism got the public some good did come out of the whole episode though one can speculate that it was all done for ratings. Thought u'd enjoy this one "being brown is being racist!" :)