Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Edinburgh University - A not so tolerant place to be!

It would seem that University, that once great place of tolerance and freedom of expression has become as polarised and intolerant as the rest of society when it comes to expression of Christian beliefs. When I read This Article I was frankly astonished, saddened and not a little angered by it.

A course run by the Edinburgh University Christian Union to study and look at the biblical view of sex to be in the lifelong commitment of marriage has been branded 'homophobic' by the university's Student Representative Council (SRC). Pickets and demonstrations have been organised with the intention to disrupt the course if it goes ahead.

Another quote reads:

'CUs across the country are due to run the Pure course, which has met with widespread criticism and even prompted the launch of a counter-campaign called Stop Pure by liberal students and gay and lesbian activists.' (my emphasis added)

I think this is what Jesus was talking about when he said you would be persecuted for standing up in my name. It is quite obvious that certain minority groups are threatened by such a course but to create a campaign called 'Stop Pure' is astonishing. It basically says we do not want to be pure but to live a life of impurity! To me that name, probably unintentionally, acknowledges that the path they have chosen is not a morally correct one.

The article also states quite reasonably that the viewpoint expressed in the course also points as much to heterosexual sex outside of marriage as it does homosexual sex as being not in line with the biblical viewpoint. They are not preaching it in the corridors, it is a course that people can voluntarily attend. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, they are discussing a view point held by Christians who believe the bible. If society starts going down the path of repressing even that kind of freedom of expression then God help us all! I mean that in a very literal sense!

To label the course 'homophobic' goes back to something I wrote a few weeks ago about society pandering to minority groups, as long as they aren't Christian and letting them influence public policy because people in government are afraid to say no to these groups. In this case the SRC of Edinburgh University has caved in to I would guess internal pressure. I brand the not letting the course go ahead as 'Christianophobic'. Sadly when the tables are turned no one gives a stuff. It just shows the total hypocrisy of it all. Muliculturalism at it best!!!!!!!!!

The even worse thing was that the University Chaplain won't hold the course at the chapel for fear of upsetting people. Oh for goodness sake, how ineffectual and pathetic is that coming from an ordained minister. Grow a back bone or retire if you can't stand up for what you claim to believe.

I pray the CU has the courage and faith to go ahead with the course and that even this publicity will make it a resounding success!

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