Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Dangers of blogging!

I came across a post today on a blog I was reading about the possibility of libel cases being brought against bloggers. It can be read here.

It raises interesting questions about how far you can go with blogging before you cross the line of some law somewhere. As yet I don't think anyone has been successfully sued yet for a blog article, fired yes but not sued. However I don't believe it will be long before this happens. Probably in America, the litigation centre of the world.

However it got me thinking how long it will be before as Christians we have to be careful what we publish on the web. Already in the UK the PC brigade in government have almost made it illegal to offend anyone, certainly on religious grounds. How long before it is illegal to stand up in public and say Jesus Christ is the Son of God for fear or upsetting certain other religions. Or to claim the Christian truth of Christ being the only way to God.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in being graceful and loving towards my fellow human and I try not to consciously offend people. However that does not mean that people will not get offended by the message of the Gospel but you simply cannot make it a legal issue. It is too subjective, I am offended by much I see around me but it is part of living in a fallen world. I am sure it won't come to that ever, the British public is already sick of having its freedoms curbed in the name of security from the 'War on Terra' and from the government pandering too much to certain minority groups with loud voices!

The article I linked to is really aimed at commenting on libelous claims and basically slandering or lying about someone on a blog. As it rightly points out a Christian should be above reproach in this area. Think carefully about everything you blog about!

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