Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I could become schizophrenic apparently and Leftyphobia!

According to the BBC website and this article I am at greater risk of becoming schizophrenic because I am left handed. I preferred the finding that said Lefty's think quicker personally or are better in fights (though since I don't fight I hope to never find out).

Just cause I use my brain differently to you righty types this means there must be a problem in there somewhere. The world is a leftyphobic place I tell you. Since everyone else complains that they are discriminated against I think I will start. All desks should have 2 computer mice so I don't have to move them when I have to sit at desks of righty's. There should always be left handed scissors available, left handed golf clubs (though I don't play golf), left handed versions of everything that has a right handed version always available and not costing more!

I bought I new single bass drum pedal for my Drums the other week. I was looking at double-bass drum pedals and asked about left handed versions. Of course the lefty versions were more expensive! Now I understand the 'oh well the manufacturing costs are more'. However this is entirely unfair, its leftyphobic I tell you. Human rights, discrimination, fairness, equality...........I am a human being!

Now now Andrew, I think you are getting carried away here he says with tongue firmly in cheek!!!!!

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