Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Catherine Tate, new Dr Who Companion...Noooooo!

The BBC posted today that Catherine Tate's character Donna from the Christmas episode will be the new companion for series 4 as Martha is off canoodling with the boys (or girls knowing RTD) on Torchwood for a few episodes in a feeble attempt to increase ratings.
Now whilst she was ok, and I stress just 'ok' in the one off episode I think she is quite wrong for the whole series run. Unless the character has a major personality change then she will become so irritating to watch and listen to that I fear Who may lose viewers in thousands.
What were they thinking of. Many people including myself think Sally Sparrow should have been the new companion. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Nick Payne said...

I have a fear we are heading into Bonnie Langford territiry all over again... I won't judge her before she's had a chance to put some work in however.

I was (and am still) firmly in the "We Want Sally Sparrow!" Legion. For my money in 45 minutes Carey Mulligan singlehandedly demonstrated the very paragon of what a companion should be about.

Russell T Davies is supposed to be leaving at the end of next year's run (as is Tennant apparently). My hope is that Steven Moffat gets offered the Doctor Who supremo job (his episodes have been some of the best to date). I believe it would improve the chances that the quality of writing will be high.

It might also leave the door open for Sally Sparrow's return.

Rumour has it she's getting her own spin off adventure (more along the lines of murder mystery though).

UKSteve said...

You sound very anti-ginger there, Nick. But yes, definitely more Sally. Where do I sign the petition?

But, another Who spin-off? Are they trying to make the whole franchise implode?