Friday, July 13, 2007

Goodbye Super Casino................hopefully!

Well Gordon Brown must actually be applauded this week. He has apparently, to all intents and purposes, scrapped the idea of the Super Casino to be built in Manchester. He suggested that maybe the money would be better spent on regeneration, duh do you think!

Well praise God for some sense. What person can consider placing a Casino in the heart of a run down area as a good idea. A Casino is where people go and waste their money duped into thinking they can win big. It can start an addictive cycle that destroys careers, families and lives. Gambling is dangerous on so many levels. Being highly addictive one of them. Place it in a poor area and you will have people blowing money they don't have on an unattainable dream. We are already a nation of gamblers with the National Lottery. Thank goodness Gordon Browns moral sense, and I believe he has one, has shone through here. Lets us hope more of his policies are shaped by his Christian faith that he claims to have.

I doubt I'll vote for him but on this I applaud him!!!!!

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Nick Payne said...

I'm much more impressed that he is going to surrender the Royal Perogative concerning the election of Bishops.

And if that should lead to disestablishment... I'm prepared for that day. I have felt that the Church of England has sat too long on the wilting laurels of it's priveleged position and senior clergy have also been constrained to preaching watered down sermons that are too inoffensive to be of any good. I'm not saying that we should deliberately try and provoke hostility... but we should always say and do things that evoke a positive response.

We shouldn't overly worry about what men think... but should instead be concerned with what god tells us.