Friday, July 06, 2007

Men, Emotions and lots of Internet Searches!

I have been studying my Blog Stats and looking at what it is that brings search engines and people to my humble little corner of the Blogosphere. What I have noticed is the extraordinary number of searches along the lines of men expressing their emotions or not as the case may be. Now I know the title of my blog is what the search engines are primarily seeing and it was for this reason I gave my blog that title. But I have had to then ask why do I get so many hits on that subject. What is it about 'men and emotions' that has people wanting to research articles on the web. It is to this question I now write:

I put this to my wife, to which she replied "well men don't show their emotions!"

Blunt and to the point but probably quite true on the most part. I tackled this in detail on this post here. Also the God The Parent Essay has much to say on the subject of gender etc...

I can't really add a lot on top of what I wrote in those posts so I won't unless inspiration takes me at a later date. Filter my posts using the categories at the top to get all my articles related to emotions.

I thought I would add some books I have found very helpful on the subject of Men and Emotions in general.

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