Monday, May 21, 2007

A Weird State of Mind

I am still working on the long post on God's Goodness or something like that as each time I get to it the direction changes and that leads me to this post. The reason I haven't been able to finish that post is that lately my mind is all over the place. I cannot seem to focus on any one thing for long and my inspiration for deep spiritual insight has eluded me. I have lost my Mojo as Austin Powers would say though in reference to something very different.

I am emotionally all over the shop as well, very up and down. It is like I am not really me. At work I am bolshy and intolerant. At home tired and not as helpful as I should be and not doing the jobs I need to do. I just feel time is going by and I am not achieving anything that I want to. I am also feeling very paranoid as well which is never a good sign of my mental state. What do people think of me? Have I upset that person? Why did they blank me? and so on.... This is a sure sign that I have lost my spiritual direction and taken my eyes of the source of my security, being my Father in heaven.

I am busy at work, busy at home though not getting anything done. I think it may be not enough time to myself without constant distraction. But compared to my wife doing her PGCE I cannot complain really. She has been run into the ground by the course and compared to that I have got it easy.

Prayer and single mindedness to seek God are what is required here and some time to do so alone. When work calms down a bit I think a day off may be needed.

Gee, what a depressing post this is, sorry folks!


MissHarwood said...

It's not a depressing post...because it gives others the opportunity to share their experiences with you, to help you and guide you!

Colossians 3:15-17
Matthew 11:28-30
Provers 2:1-10
I'm not gonna write them on here, because then it'll mean you actually have to go and look in your bible! :P


Andrew said...

Thanks for the encouragement Hat. Wise beyond your years!