Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God's sense of Humour

The title is not meant to be irreverent in any way as I definitely feel God has a sense of humour. The reason I say God has a sense of humour is because of what happened to me last weekend.

The churches in Horsham are running a week of community projects and events called 'Let's Go 2007'. Last weekend we held a fun weekend on a local housing estate. Now I had volunteered for this and had said to God I will be prepared to do whatever is required and serve without complaining. I got the details last Friday of the activities I had been asked to do and there was just the one. The five aside football tournament.

Now for anyone who knows me this is quite possibly the worst thing and most amusing thing I could be asked to do. I am the bloke who went shopping and cut the grass during the world cup matches. Anything other than watch them! I hate football!

So I dutifully turned up ready to serve doing whatever I was asked to do with the football tournament on Saturday. However when I got there it turned out they needed people to line judge etc... who understood football rules and specifically the off side rule. Not a clue, me! So I was able to go and help out with other rides and games which I enjoyed a great deal. Especially controlling a rodeo ride, wuhahaha, the power!

Anyway I found it funny and I am sure God chuckled about it. He was gracious enough to let me do something different even when I was prepared to do it. I think it was a heart test!

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MissHarwood said...

hahahaha God rules!
I agree, he definitly saw your heart to serve him and was pleased...so he graciously let you do something you'd enjoy and bring better skill and love into!