Friday, March 07, 2008

Tina Dico Live at Komedia Brighton - Review

As per previous post I saw Tina Dico live at the Komedia in Brighton last night. This was in what is known as Komedia Downstairs and is a fairly small intimate venue.

The support act who mercifully only played about 25 minutes was called Ain and hails from Dublin. All I can say if that is your day job then you are in trouble. Sorry to be so negative but it was truly awful and hats off to the very English polite crowd who clapped in the right places and didn't make any loud or rude comments. The man knows one melody, in the loosest sense I use that term and played several songs with different lyrics to that same melody. Awful!

Anyway to the reason why I went. Miss Tina Dico performed for around one hour fifteen minutes. Short yes but so very good. It was just her and her two guitars along with her beautifully crafted intelligent vocals. I knew she had a great voice from the albums and from seeing some recorded live work but in the flesh so to speak, simply knock out. Emotive, pure and powerful live bringing all the nuances of the songs to life.

Musically it really impressed me that way she can play some quite complex guitar rhythms and plucking whilst singing the melody lines she writes. Not only a great vocalist but great musician as well.


She deserves greater recognition in the UK than she has as she is so much more talented than the likes of Amy Whinehouse, Amy MacDonald or Katy Melua to name but a few. Go out and by her albums and help raise her profile in the UK.

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Thought you might be interested in one of my favorite artists, AM. He is going on tour with Tina Dico and just did a duet with her called "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (The Beatles, of course). He’s next to impossible to Google?? Blame it on his name... Ha. Check him out at or