Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tina Dico @ Brighton plus Count to Ten Review


I am going to see Tina Dico tonight at the Brighton Komedia. This will be an acoustic gig as far as I know which will be interesting. I have not heard her live before except on video. If you have never heard of her then I suggest looking on her Home Page to discover a really great talent. She is from Denmark and has what I think is a quite unique style. Yes there are many female singer songwriters out there but her choice of melodies I think makes her stand out from the crowd.

Her new album Count to Ten is really very good. The previous album 'In the Red' is a firm favourite on my iPod and this is as good if not better. Stand out tracks are You know Better and On the Run to name but a few. This is an 8/10 album easily. Emotive and relaxing with well crafted lyrics and interesting melodies.

My favourite song from In the Red is Warm Sand and here it is live, enjoy:

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