Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A no Nonsense Sermon you must hear to start 2010!

On Sunday we had a visiting speaker by the name of Simon Guillebaud. I have rarely heard a sermon that is so no nonsense and absolutely direct about how our comfortable western Christianity is so safe. I don’t mean safe in a good way. I mean it in a nice ‘come to Jesus and everything will be fine’ message way.

The message that so many Western Churches give out is that if you come to Jesus then all your problems will be sorted is so unbiblical. Simon clearly shows how this is just wrong. He worked in Burundi for several years which is possibly the worst place on earth to see all the horrors that Humans are capable of where the western Gospel message as above would seem like a cruel joke. He brings out what the message should truly be about Jesus. That suffering goes hand in hand with the true Gospel.

Oh and his rather direct explanation for why Big Brother is such junk for Christians to watch is something else.

This sermon is powerful stuff and a good kick up the backside at the start of 2010.

Click HERE for the MP3 download and be challenged to live a radical Christian life.

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