Sunday, February 01, 2009

My 20th Christian Birthday

20 years ago today I gave my life to God and became a Christian. For how that happened Click Here. It has been a very up and down walk but I am where I am by the Grace of God. 20 years of Sanctification, being made more like Christ, yet I feel so far from that goal. Of course we will never get there until heaven. Could I be in a better place, of course. Could I know way more scripture than I know, most definitely. Could I have more of my rough edges knocked off by the Lord. Yes if I had walked closer to him.

However I thank God for where he has brought me. I accept who I am in the light of who He is. I pray that if God grants me another 20 years then I shall walk a better walk. I walk of greater service and humility. I desire to love and reach out to others in a much less self protective way with my security rooted in Christ. I want to know the unsurpassed joy of worshipping my Father in heaven that all other earthly desires pale by comparison and have their correct place as it should be. I also want to enjoy each day that God gives me, not by what happens so much but by how much I can surrender to God.

All high and mighty desires but I do genuinely desire those things even if the way I currently live my life they don’t show as much as they should. I praise and thank God for saving me all those years ago and hope I can honour him in some way for all my days to come.

Thank you Lord!

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