Wednesday, January 28, 2009

David Attenborough and the Hate Mail

I just read this article on the BBC web site. I find this absolutely horrendous and totally unacceptable. I am a creationist and disagree with just about everything that DA says in his TV shows when it comes to origins. However I would never wish harm upon the man or even think of sending such a message.

I true Christian should never do such a thing and they really need to examine their hearts before the Lord and send an apology if they are truly Christian. The other thought of course that occurred to me was this ‘could’ and the emphasis is on ‘could’ have come from a non Christian and non creationist just trying to stir up trouble and controversy and further smear the name of Christianity and Creationists. Of course i have no proof it is just something that crossed my mind as it would not be the first time such has happened.

I know I cannot speak for all Christians and all creationists but I would nevertheless like to apologise to you Sir David if one of my brothers/sisters in Christ has sent this. There is no excuse!

If on the other hand it came from someone trying to stir up trouble for the sake of it or for some vendetta then grow up and repent or reap the message that you sent!

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