Friday, September 12, 2008

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed


I am waiting semi-patiently for Star Wars - The Force Unleashed to be released in the UK. I have a Wii so as much as the graphics won't compare to the PS3 version the actual gameplay should be great fun. wielding the Light saber and throwing enemies around should be fun.

Not very Christian I know but.... the story is one of falling into darkness followed by redemption in the end!

Only another week or so to go, then my wife won't get near her Wii! Okay that last statement may be a little inaccurate.

(I did see a friend playing Grand Theft Auto on PS3 and I was really sickened by that game. I didn't carry on watching it as the relentless bad language and violence got too much and I just found it offensive!)

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