Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One of those weeks......Part II

Well just as I though things were settling down to normality after having the central heating fixed on Monday this morning it all went blah again. I opened the airing cupboard to find everything soaked and water dripping from the ceiling. Fortunately being lazy I had not put the step ladders back in the garage and got straight up on the loft to find the valve on the new pump leaking quite a lot. How long this had been going on I don't know but quite a while it seems.

Anyway the plumber is here now to replace the leaking valve. Just got to wash all the clothes that were soaked and find a place to hang them all to dry. Will have to wait until it has all dried out before I see if any permanent damage to the plasterboard ceiling has been caused. The joy of owning a house!

Lord please may that be the last thing for a while?

(27 Days to Christmas!!!)

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