Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Epic on the Horizon!

I am writing another one of my Epic posts, finally the one about God's goodness. It is taking longer than I thought as it is a large subject and not easy to tackle. Nearly there I think!

I have also been very busy at work and at home so time is squeezed and precious.

As an aside, I am actually liking Windows Vista. I am working on a deployment of said OS at work. I never thought I would say that but hey, even Bill can surprise me. The licensing is so Draconian that you would be totally out of your head to actually buy Vista. (That was not a suggestion of piracy by the way). I get to play with shiny toys at work sometimes and in this case I am impressed, especially with the Aero front end and the deployment tools. Oh well, I will have to live with XP because I am not paying for Vista no matter how much I like it!

Be back soon!

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