Monday, February 19, 2007

Hot Fuzz review!

Warning - some Spoilers in this Review!

I Saw the film Hot Fuzz on Saturday and was not disappointed. It was one of those films that had been hyped a bit and I was really hoping it lived up to potential. This film is made by the same people who did 'Shaun of the Dead', which I mostly enjoyed, apart from the rather depressing ending. Simon Pegg co wrote and stars in it as Nicholas Angel, a Met police constable who is so good at his job that he is making all the other Police in London look bad. So his superiors played in cameos successively by Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and finally Bill Nighy reassign him to Sandford, the 'safest village' in the country.

He is teamed up with Nick Frosts PC Danny Butterman who's dad, played by Jim Broadbent, is the chief Inspector. Without giving too much away it gradually becomes clear to Sergeant Angel that all is not as it appears in this sleepy country village. Gradually people start to have 'tragic accidents' which are quite clearly murder but none of the local constabulary want to see the truth. Eventually all is uncovered and it ends in a big running gun fight around the village culminating in a shootout at the village Somerfield Store. The final showdown between Skinner (Timothy Dalton) and Chief Inspector Butterman in the Sandford model village is utterly ludicrous stuff and truly inspired.

Once the action gets going the film references and site gags come thick and fast. This is a very British film that anyone not from these parts may not get. Yes it is a little slow in the middle but it is all worth sticking with. So 'By the Power of Greyskull', you'll get it if you see it, go and see this film and be very entertained.


Nick Payne said...

I'm sure it's not intentional but I detected a very loos parallel to the gospel story in hot Fuzz.

Perfect copper with a heavenly name (Angel) and the perfect number (777) gets sent from HQ to a place below his station. Once there he does the job he is supposed to do and gets on the wrong side of the town establishment. They conspire to have him killed and he is apparently killed (not really though) only to come back from "death" to completely eliminate the sinister and pharisaical leadership in the town... heralding in a new age of true police work.

Loose but it is there! :-)

Andrew said...

I hadn't thought of that though but I can see your point. I would however be surprised if any of it was intentional!

Thanks for the comment!