Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drums, Life and that Dawkins bloke!


What a difference a day can make to ones mood and co-ordination. I played my drums in church on Sunday and was in 'the zone' so to speak. Meaning I was awake and was able to play roughly what I wanted to. The sticks flowed, sort of and my timing was pretty good. However I went to a music practice last night and it could not have been a more different story. I didn't sleep Sunday night so was tired and had a short attention span all day. Once I had setup my drums at the practice I kind of lost the will to play. I was out of time, lacked any confidence and could not concentrate.


Life is like that for me at the moment, very up and down. I have had wonderful revelations from God and He has been teaching me much. However in between I have had some quite black moments where I have felt so down and down right miserable. I cover this up a lot of the time as it is not nice to be around someone feeling like that. At work you just get on with it which is often a good thing.

I reckon the deep sadness etc... could be the result of God stirring things up within me that I have been ignoring for a while. I think He wants me to face more of the anger and pain inside me and to heal more of it. The unfortunate result of this is it means emotionally I end up quite vulnerable. I think in some instances the enemy attacks that and pulls me down. Goes back to the same predictable attacks as someone recently said to me. Oh well, so that is my life currently.

While I think of it pop over to this link and record your diary/blog for the day to go into this national archive of life in October 2006.


I have been reading a lot of stuff around Richard Dawkins' latest fanatical rantings, in his book 'The God Delusion', on various forums etc... I then came across this link for a lecture by Alister McGrath about Dawkins' beliefs and how they don't stand up to criticism or logic. It makes good reading!

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