Friday, September 15, 2006

Doubts voiced over emergency pill!

A recent article on the BBC website states the following:

Making emergency contraception more available has failed to reduce abortion rates, a family planning expert says!

Well 'No **** Sherlock' was my first though on that report. I know not a great thing to immediately think but nevertheless I did. Sadly the solution by the experts is better education in getting people to use contraception before and during sex rather than think of this as a form of adequate protection against pregnancy.

When will these so called experts see that it is a far wider issue than a bit of education or a pill that will fix the problem of high abortion rates in the UK. A GP on the news this morning said a sensible thing that she thought it was partly to do with the fact that it is now seen as more morally acceptable to have an abortion in the UK now than it was 20 years ago.

I think she is right and I think it is incredibly sad that we in the UK have the highest abortion rate in the EU and that is it socially and morally acceptable to kill an innocent child before it has the chance of living its life because a selfish person has sex and is not prepared to take the consequences of their actions.

Once again no one is saying that maybe the attitude to sex and contraception and the way sex education is done is failing and that teaching people to hold back and wait before having sex outside of a relationship strong enough to accept the birth of a child. It is a culture that devalues the life of a child by its definition of at what point a thing growing inside you becomes a child with the rights that endows.

What a crazy mixed up world this is!

The following link is an article that has a much more sensible response to the research.

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